Negotiate your way around a tricky target market.

As leading experts of all things kids-related, we offer an invaluable platform for advertising, market research and consultancy for a multitude of clients and their needs. Check the options below to discover how we can achieve your goals together. 

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Video production

  • Movies 

  • Toys 

  • Books 

  • On location 

We consistently offer new and existing clients our authentic, expert knowledge and experience in video production. Our talented videography team specialises in filming reactionary and scripted content with children of all ages.

Our creative and entertaining productions have been recognised widely, leading us to collaborations with many leading international brands. 



  • Native Advertising

  • Product Placement

  • Sponsored Content

We offer extensive and creative means of advertising. Using our multiple social media platforms and home website, our advertisements are tactfully delivered to a hyper-targeted market.

We believe that our exclusive audience and influential social media platforms make KidsKnowsBest the ideal stage for your brand to market on.

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Market research

  • Quantitative 

  • Qualitative

  • Video 

We provide reliable and insightful market research for our clients. Our team strives to collaborate with companies, carrying out original market research and developing our own existing extensive research, which we can offer our clients in the form of consultancy. 

We believe our wide demographical audience and diverse social content, generates our extensive, original and invaluable market research.

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  • enlightening

  • creative

  • reliable solutions

Our reputation as social media and kids market experts not only allow us to expand our own growth but enable us to take on a consultancy role with our clients that will develop and guide them in their own direction. Whether our advice is required in video production, brand development, social media, advertising or strategy, KidsKnowBest will offer enlightening, creative and reliable solutions for your needs.