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You wouldn’t ask a six-year-old to review the latest Mercedes car,

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so why would you ask an adult to review the latest kids products?




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We offer brands a route into their target market: The kids.

Whether that be through market research, video production or advertising.  

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From ideation to market, we have worked with a number of high-profile brands

Such as Penguin Random House, Universal and National Geographic, to provide high-yielding results in a very tricky market.

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Working with KidsKnowBest is unique and invaluable

We don't just use the brain-power of adults, but kids too. 


Where are

we going?

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An eco-system and community for kids and brands

We are launching an app that encourages children to voice their opinion, engage, have fun and be rewarded. By bringing market research into the digital age, we will always be one step ahead for our current brand partners and future clients.  

Market research, video production and advertising

Our real-time insights, video production and huge distribution will make us a one-stop shop for brands targeting kids the world over.




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We will be using this funding round to work on our cutting-edge tech as well as employ industry-leading experts to accelerate our already rapid growth. 


What is SEIS?

Tax Benefits

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We’re already a highly-investable proposition but if the above wasn’t enough we’ve still got £125k of SEIS available to potential investors.

Here is a quick three-minute explainer video 




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As an early investor, you will be joining us on our journey to global domination within the kids tech and media space. This is an invite-only proposal for trusted friends, of whom we know will add value in the future.


Target £250,000

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£125K - 50%

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all seis remaining

£125K - 50%









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Key Investors

& Directors

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 Amy McPherson – CEO, Marriott Hotels, Europe. Board of Directors, PVH Corp


Richard Pursey – Founder & CEO, SafeToNet

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Eric Huang – Development Director, Made In Me. Formerly of Mind Candy, Penguin Random House and Disney.

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James Huggins – Managing Director, Made In Me. Worked with Penguin Random House, LEGO, Save the Children and McDonalds.

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Full deck and financials will be provided on request.

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